lewis's first year


Lewis William.

You are one today! How has it been a year already? 

Your birth was so easy, laid back, fun. We were all so excited to meet you...that is, once Pippa got over her disappointment that you were a boy. From the moment we brought you home, your big brother and sister smothered you with affection, hugs, and kisses.

In some ways, you've been our most challenging baby. You didn't sleep through the night until you were 8 months old (the other two started sleeping through the night by 3 months, so...). You are kind of a terror, and love getting into things you're not supposed to have. You let out battle cries before crawling at high speed toward the closest target to chomp on their leg. You have no interest in playing toys with me or listening to me read a book. You're an independent baby for sure.

In other ways, you've made life with 3 kids seem like a breeze. As long as your siblings are nearby, you're happy as a clam. You follow them from room to room, thinking you're part of their shenanigans. You never make a peep in the car, especially when you can see Pippa or Teddy from your car seat. And, AND!, you're the only baby I've been able to exclusively nurse for a whole year. We've saved a lot of money on formula, so I guess that makes you our favorite child. Don't tell the others. 

Some days I feel a little guilty that I'm not formally "teaching" you as much as I did the others. Pippa knew a bunch of baby sign language and was saying words in Spanish by 1. Even Teddy could say "hola, ball, and doggy." Then I realize how much you're probably going to pick up from listening to those two, and I know you'll be just fine. 

Honestly, you're a force to be reckoned with. You know exactly what you want and won't stop until you get it. It's exhausting, but I also love that quality in you. I know it will serve you well as you get older. (It's just kind of annoying when the thing you want is a phone charger or a small toy you could swallow). 

Lewis, we love you. I can't wait to see the little boy you're going to turn into. 

Happy First Birthday, Lewis!

Lewis 1st birthday collage #1.png

you are:






a force

Lewis First Birthday Collage #2.png

you're awesome because you:

say "hi!, mama, dada, Pippa, Nanny, tweet tweet!, num num, no no no!"

just want to play with your older siblings

get so excited about waving and saying hi to people we pass

eat anything and everything 

love FaceTiming with family

sleep from 7 p.m. - 6:30 or 7 a.m.

love to dance, watch Little Baby Bum, and clap along with the songs

have the biggest smile and best giggle

are resourceful - you figure out a way around every barricade I set up

are so excited to practice standing and walking

don't make a peep on long road trips

Lewis 1st Birthday Collage #3.png

favorite foods

apple slices, banana, toast with butter, mini muffins, Cheerios, taco meat, cheese, applesauce, yogurt


Lew, Louie, Louie Baby

Happy first birthday, buddy! Hope it was the best.

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