pipisms: things my three-year-old says

1. Me: *throwing up in the bathroom during the first trimester*

Pippa: (as she walks past) maybe try some crackers.

2. *Pippa climbs in our bed early in the morning*

P: Do you have to throw up, Mommy?

Me: Yeah, actually I do.

P. Make sure you do it in the toilet.

3. *Teddy walks for the first time*

P: We're so proud of you, boy!

4. Me: Pippa, did you spill your cereal?

P: Mommy, it's not a disaster.

5. *After we say bedtime prayers*

Me: Is there anything else you want to ask Jesus? Or anything you want to say thank you for?

P: Oh yeah! Dear Jesus, please bring me my Boogie Board and stylus from my backpack. Amen.

6. Me: Have fun at the beach, Pippa! Bring me back a seashell!

P: I promise, your majesty (as she curtseys)

7. Me: Pippa, that's enough M&Ms. You've had too much sugar today.

P: (Flippantly) Hm. I thought you were my best mommy. 

8. *playing volleyball together, and I'm correcting her form*

Me: long arms! bend your knees!

P: (Gets ready to pass the ball) Is this what you were looking for?

9. P: "Mommy, is the baby standing up?"
Me: "No, he's scrunched up in a ball."
P: "Why is he in a ball?"
Me: "Because Mommy's belly isn't big enough for him to stand up."
P: "Oh." Thinks for a second, rubbing my belly tenderly. "Well I guess you have to eat more food and get more belly!" 

10. Pippa narrating to herself as she plays with her toys: "She saw her brother had messed up her train tracks, so she said, 'Teddy Bear! That's not nice!' Then she moved her tracks across the room."

11. P: Mommy, did you know syrup has adhesives?

E: Really? Why do you say that?

P: Because it's sticky! Just like stickers and tape!