number 3

It's happening! Baby Number Three is on the way, coming early May, and we couldn't be more thrilled! 

So let's dive into the details, shall we?

how far along am I?

I am 11 weeks today! That makes the due date May 2. It's still early days, but I don't mind sharing, since I know that if something were to happen, I have an amazing and supportive community around me. Plus, the more people praying for us, the better!

how am I feeling?

Friends and acquaintances may have noticed that I dropped off the face of the earth for the past month or two. This is because I have spent every single day since the day after I found out I was pregnant fending off morning (or should we say all day) sickness. Mornings and evenings are definitely the worst, but the midday Florida heat definitely doesn't help the nausea situation. I'm trying every trick in the book: Preggie Pop Drops, sucking on peppermints, lemon water, high protein meals, ginger tea, crackers on the bedside table, waking up in the middle of the night to eat, and walking in the fresh air. Let's just say the only strategy that has worked is to "lean into it."  Sorry if this is TMI, but I've found that if I just wake up accepting that I'm going to throw up, it's going to make me feel at least a little better. When I try to avoid it, it only makes me miserable for the rest of the day. 

Other symptoms include a disgusting copper taste in my mouth, fatigue, occasional headaches, mood swings (sorry Justin), hot flashes, and aching hips. But honestly? I couldn't be more happy and excited to be experiencing all of it. I know it's temporary, and I thank God every day for the little life growing inside me that's making me feel so physically miserable, but emotionally overjoyed (except for those unexpected mood swings....hello hormones). 

any doctor appointments yet?

2 so far! The first appointment was to confirm the pregnancy. The second appointment was an ultrasound to find out the due date. I have never had an ultrasound this early in the pregnancy before. My OB in Minnesota only did the 20 week anatomy scan, so it was super exciting to see the little peanut so early on! I gasped when I saw the baby for the first time. He or she was only the size of a cherry, but definitely looked like a baby! Miracle from God!

cravings or aversions?

At this point I'm in survival mode, eating whatever I can stomach. Mashed potatoes, soups, plain bread, Saltine or oyster crackers, and really cold apple slices or grapes have been the main items on the menu. And I honestly don't know what I would do without my superfood shakes. My morning routine is to wake up, throw up, lay down for a few minutes, then blend a shake and slowly sip on it until I start to feel like a human being again. The high-quality protein and digestive enzymes make it gentle on the tummy and filling. I try to consume 2 every day. I've also been really wanting a raspberry iced tea, but only the kind from the soda fountains at restaurants. 

aversions - anything that has flavor. I've been so thirsty, but plain water tastes so gross due to the coppery taste in my mouth. Coffee. The smell of scented candles, cleaning products, deodorant, and body sprays and perfumes of any kind.

do Pippa and Teddy know?

Pippa knows. Pro tip: do not tell three-year-olds secrets. They WILL tell everyone they see. Her first reaction was denial: "What baby?" Then disbelief: "Mommy, are you sure there's a baby in your belly?" And now acceptance: "Well, I guess you can have another baby." She will be devastated if this child is a boy. Won't even consider it as an option. 

Teddy is still a baby himself. He just turned 14 months, so I suspect this kid will have no idea what's going on until he's been dethroned as youngest child. 


I'm definitely starting to show already, so I'm quite pleased that flowy tops are in style. I'm looking forward to showing off the teeny bump now that the news is out. 

I'm excited to focus on health and fitness in this pregnancy...once I get past this first trimester yuckiness. 

Finally, I'm so grateful for this undeserved gift from God. Our whole family is. I know the discomforts of pregnancy are so minor in the grand scheme of things, and try to keep an attitude of gratitude through it all. All praise to our Creator!