Pipisms - things my 4-year-old says

Oh, you guys. We are so blessed to have a chatterbox for our first child. This sweet girl could talk your ear off, and never even notice that your eyes glazed over 10 minutes ago. She's precocious and gregarious -  a deadly and hilarious combination in a 4 year old. Pippa has never met a stranger, and we love her for it. 

I try to keep track of the funny or sweet things she says in the notes app of my phone, but I know there are so many I've missed. Here are some things she's been saying lately that are cracking me up.


Pippa: "Stop in the name of the dog!"

We were on our way to St. Augustine to go to the Pirate and Treasure Museum, and we had promised her a stop at the Hyppo afterward for some fruit popsicles:

Pippa: "Why is everyone coming to St. Augustine to see the pirates and the popsicles?"

Me: "They might be coming to see other things. There's more to do in St. Augustine than the pirates and popsicles."

"Hmmm. I don't know about that."


Me: "Pippa, please put away these books and stuffed animals."

Pippa: "Teddy, do me a favor and put these animals in my room."

Pippa: "Look! A trolley! That's my favorite kind of mobile!"


Pippa: "I'm a pretty grown up kid. That's why I have to text my friends." Texting on her calculator. A few minutes later: *exasperated sigh* "Why do I have to text all these people? Is it because I'm so important?"

Pippa: "Mom, after we listen to Jesus songs can we listen to human songs?"


Me: "Pippa, do you remember what it means to be brave?"

Pippa: "Yes. It's when you're afraid to do something but you do it anyway. Just like when I went to the pirate museum! I was afraid but I did it anyway. Then I met Pirate William and he was so happy to meet me." 

Pippa: "Mommy, I don't want to go to heaven because I still want to be real."

Me: "Sweetheart, you will still be real in heaven. It's the best place ever!"

Pippa: "Oh...so I'll still be real and it won't be the end of me?"


We love you sweet girl!