my favorite drink to fight belly fat

When I was in high school, I would see all the celebrities on the cover of teen magazines with their perfectly flat abs. I honestly thought if I exercised hard enough, I could achieve that. I would do hundreds of sit-ups and planks on my bedroom floor, thinking I could just target that one specific area.

There's so much wrong with that scenario - comparing myself to celebrities, not realizing that I needed to nourish my body with good food - not punish it with exercise, and never thinking my body was good enough. 

The last decade and having three babies has taught me a lot about loving and accepting my body no matter what state or stage its in. I now exercise to strengthen my body and eat foods that fuel me and my babies. I'm definitely not into deprivation or workouts to cancel out junk food.

With my newfound mindset, I know I'm going to wear whatever swimsuit I feel comfortable in with confidence - not wait until I lose the weight or have a flat tummy. I love chasing my kids on the beach and that's way more important than being self-conscious about my perceived imperfections.

flatten your belly in 2 weeks

Having said all that, I'm still human, and l wouldn't mind a little less bloat around my midsection. That's where I tend to gain weight the quickest...and lose it the slowest. So when I found out about the science-backed drink I could add to my bedtime routine to help fight belly fat, increase lean muscle, and promote a restful night of sleep, I was all about that.

A Nighttime Drink to Fight Stubborn Belly Fat

The two photos below were taken about 12 days apart. I did the Bedtime Belly Buster about 8 out of those 12 nights, and I honestly couldn't believe the results I saw when I compared the photos side by side. 


It's not a miracle cure. I was focusing on doing the MuTu System core work to help my diastasis recti. I was making healthy choices during the day (like drinking these nutrient-dense shakes and eating lots of fruits and vegetables), and I was taking long walks every day. The Bedtime Belly Buster really helped me to see results in my midsection a lot quicker, though!

A few other tips for flattening your midsection:

  • drink 16 ounces of lemon water first thing in the morning
  • go for a walk around the block every day
  • make sure you're consuming protein all day long (this is called protein pacing)
  • focus on 80% nutrition, 20% exercise
  • drink tons of water! 

If belly bloat is something you struggle with, this is definitely worth a look! If you want to learn more about the belly buster and nutrition system so many moms have used to improve their health, lose the baby weight, and gain natural energy in a safe way, head to my Facebook group, Strong For Her Tasks, for more info!

Grab Your Bedtime Belly Buster Here!

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If you decide to join the challenge, shoot me a DM to let me know so I can support you!

Happy Belly Bustin'!



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