friday favorites #22

Happy Friday! Hope everyone's having a wonderful week. We've been taking it slow around here and spending a lot of time inside due to rainstorms and humidity. The mornings have been lovely for getting outside for a bit, so we've been making it a priority, otherwise the kids get cabin fever!  Meanwhile Justin and I have been sorting through some boxes that have been packed up in our garage since we moved over a year ago. We condensed from 7 bins down to 2, and I will be using the remaining empty bins to sort and organize the kids' clothes.

Anyway, we're happy to have made it to the weekend, and have some fun plans in the works. Stay tuned, and follow our three ring circus on Instagram stories. Say hi and I'll be sure to follow back! (Love my Insta community!)

So without further ado, let's jump in with all the great stuff I'm loving this week!


[one] family walks

Despite the rain, we've been squeezing in family walks when we can. Sometimes Pippa chooses to ride her bike on the walk, and it's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. For today's walk, she opted for full princess gear, and it took some convincing to get her to remover her crown in favor of a helmet. I just about melted when a car let us cross the street at a stop sign, and she dinged her bell at him and then waved to say thank you! 

Walks have been the perfect way to the get the kids out of the house, and to ease myself back into working out. We stop every quarter mile or so for Pippa to "rest" (biking is tiring!), and I take the opportunity to do squats and lunges. Such a great way to stay active and spend quality family time together!

[two] mocha superfood shakes

This seasonal shake was just released from the online nutrition store I order from. The mocha flavor is spot on - just a hint of coffee flavor, but still sweet. Pippa and I shared one for an afternoon snack, and we gulped it down! Might have to order a few more canisters before it's gone!

[three] haircuts

I finally got my hair cut and colored after almost a year. It feels so good to be blonde again! I somehow haven't taken any pictures yet, but will have to do that soon! It inspired me to cut Teddy's hair at home, since it was growing into a mullet. Unfortunately I got a little aggressive, and turned it into a mushroom or bowl cut. Good thing he's so cute he can totally pull it off! 

[four] baby smiles

Nothing is better than when your baby starts interacting with you, especially when that comes in the form of smiles! Lewis has been grinning away, and we've been having so much fun talking in high pitched voices and making goofy faces at him in an effort to elicit a smile. He reserves his best ones for big sister Pippa. Those smiles make the sleepless nights and endless hours of nursing and rocking and bouncing so so worthwhile. 

[five] Mads + Grace Co.

My Instagram friend Ann launched her shop Mads + Grace Co. with tuggable teething necklaces that are oh so cute! On her Etsy shop she explains the inspiration behind the necklaces:

I started putting a small dream into motion that is entirely inspired by my two amazing girls, Mads + Grace. My goal is to provide another opportunity for comforted closeness between mama + baby. Whether it's during a nursing session, wearing baby or just cradling, the necklaces can soothe teething or provide a welcome distraction.

Go ahead and check out her shop's page on Instagram - the necklaces are seriously so beautiful that I'll be wearing mine as a regular accessory long after my babies are done teething.

That's it for this Friday! What's got you smiling this week? Have a wonderful weekend!

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