february favorites

Every month I love to share my favorite food, products, and moments both to share with my readers and because it's fun to look back on every few months to see what we were doing. February truly flew by, but it was a really fun month! I'm sharing a few of the things that made it a great month. Feel free to share your favorites from February in the comments!

february favorites.png

february favorites


protein snacks

I love baking with protein powder to up the protein content in our baked good. Teddy has an insatiable appetite, so the more protein I can get in his food, the less I have to feed him. He's literally never not eating. 

protein donuts

Anyway, I shared a post a few days ago with 5 of my favorite protein-packed snacks the kids and I all love. You can read it here. What are your favorite things to make with protein powder besides shakes?

heart-shaped pancakes

Our Valentine's Day tradition is to make heart-shaped pancakes and "magic milk" for breakfast. (Magic Milk is literally milk with pink or red food coloring). The kids really look forward to this special breakfast, and it's a way for me to celebrate the holiday with the kids without having to do arts and crafts. 



Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell

Oh man, you guys. This book is a game changer. If you're a blogger struggling to get traffic to your site, you need to read this eBook. It is super reasonably priced, especially considering the almost immediate results I got from Carly's manual pinning strategy:

manual pinning traffic results

I'm now focusing my efforts on creating great content and manually pinning whenever I have 10 minutes stretches of time instead of manically joining facebook threads in hopes that 10 people visit my site because they HAVE to. (BTW those threads are awesome, especially for newbie bloggers, and I've found some great blogs that way. BUT, it's very time consuming to make sure you're fulfilling all the requirements to every thread and it was stressing me OUT for a menial amount of traffic). 

Beyond Pinteresting Strategies, you really need to be on Carly's email list, as she continues to provide valuable free content and advice week after week. As soon as her email lands in my inbox, I open it or star it for later. And her blogging Facebook group! I feel like I'm surrounded by greatness, and have gotten so much out of the discussions that go on in there. Clearly, I'm a raving fangirl. I feel like it's so rare for someone to provide so much value for cheap or free, so I'm Team Carly for life! 

zero-drop shoes from Greece

Ok, so I explained in my post 7 Lifestyle Changes I Made To Heal Diastasis Recti that I'm all in with the MuTu System. I'm actually applying every single piece of advice this time around in order to see results in how my core looks, but more importantly how it feels. I've definitely made a lot of progress, so if you're struggling with a Mummy Tummy after having babies, you need to check out this program:


Anyway, one thing the program encourages you to do is to start wearing zero-drop shoes, also called barefoot shoes. Basically what that means is they mimic the way your foot works when you walk barefoot. They have a flexible sole and a flat heel - no hight to the heel whatsoever. I wasn't loving the shoes I found on other sites, but I stumbled upon a thread in a Facebook group about cute zero-drop shoes, and someone recommended an Etsy shop in Greece that will do custom shoes.


I simply requested a flexible Vibram sole and a flat heel and they made me these adorable sandals. I seriously wear these every single day with almost every outfit, and they're very comfortable. Just thought I would mention it if anyone else has been looking into barefoot shoes and hasn't found any they like! The shop I ordered through was Leatherhood  - I'm not an affiliate, and I don't get any money for referring you. I just think they make really quality and cute shoes!

bluetooth remote for my camera

In an effort to up my Instagram and blog photo game, I've finally decided to figure out this Bluetooth remote I've had for my Nikon camera for forever. For some reason, the one I ordered didn't seem to be connecting to the sensor, so I had to do a lot of Google searches until I found a tutorial on YouTube that helped me figure out that there was a tiny switch inside the battery compartment I needed to flip. 


Anyway, it works now, and the kids and I have had so much fun setting up the camera on the Gorilla Pod and posing for group pictures. Even if you're not a blogger, I highly recommend getting yourself a tripod and remote sensor for your phone or camera so you can actually be in family photos! As moms, we're always the ones taking the pictures, so it's nice to actually capture some memories with your kids. I linked to a few different options below:

Very affordable tripod compatible with most digital cameras

Smartphone tripod and Bluetooth remote

baby fedora


I mean, could this kid get any cuter in his baby fedora? We got ours when Teddy was a baby (so...two years ago?) but I've linked to a few similar options here, here, and here (<-- bonus! that last one is 50% off!) Spring break season is coming up, so I foresee a lot of fedora days in our future.

family memories

beach day


We've finally been having a few 80 degree days here in Florida, so we decided to have our first beach day of 2018. The water was still too chilly for us, but laying in the sand and listening to the ocean waves was enough for me! It got me excited for summer and long beach days with the kids. 

My swimsuit is from TJ Maxx 2 years ago, but here's a similar one piece with cutouts

friday donuts


For some reason, Friday is my toughest day as a stay-at-home-mom. We all just kind of feel ready for the weekend and are sick of being cooped up with each other, so lately I've been making it a habit to get out of the house for donuts on a Friday. We usually make a quick stop at the park afterward to burn off all that sugar. 

(P.S. - another picture that I used the bluetooth remote for!)

kids carnival


Each year our church puts on a carnival for our community that is completely free! It's a monumental effort by volunteers from our church, but it's a great way to serve our community and provide a day of fun! My kids were obsessed with the cotton candy (Teddy licked his like a lollipop...that was fun to clean up afterward), the bounce houses, and Pippa got her face painted. It was such a fun afternoon, and they all slept like logs that night.

on to march

February was a super fun month for us, and it went by really fast! I'm currently working my way through a blogging course (Billionaire Blog Club), and I'm really excited to share how it goes for me. I'm overflowing with ideas right now, and feel like I can't type fast enough to keep up with my brain! I'll share more about BBC once I'm done and let you know if I recommend it to others (I can already tell I probably will). 

We've got some fun travel coming up in March that I'm also excited to share, and I'll be adding a bunch more family travel posts on the blog. What questions or issues do you have when it comes to travel with little kids? 

Wishing you wellness of mind, body, and soul.