friday favorites #4

Happy Friday! As the weekend approaches, we are settling in for another movie day at home. The three-year-old has cold symptoms and a low-grade fever, so we're riding it out and enjoying the down time. All I can say is, thank heavens this is not the stomach flu. And yet, I'm still washing my hands like a maniac and sanitizing every surface in hopes of containing whatever it is she has. On a positive note, it was fun to put every Disney movie I own to good use yesterday. 

Oddly, I don't mind being stuck at home for a few days. January has been filled to the brim with commitments, so I've been using the extra down time to deep clean the house and snuggle with my babies. No complaints here! (Unless someone starts throwing up...)

But enough about illness. (Seriously, who isn't coming down with something this time of year?) Let's have some fun and share what's making us smile this week!

Friday Favorites

1. stuffed peppers

I really hesitate to go outside my cooking comfort zone, especially on a school night when time and energy are limited. However, I found a bag of bell peppers on sale at Publix and couldn't resist trying my hand at stuffed peppers after my sister introduced them to me this summer. I couldn't get over how something so healthy could taste so delicious. I used the Skinnytaste Turkey Stuffed Peppers recipe and subbed quinoa for brown rice, used salsa instead of tomato sauce, and added a pinch of chili powder for flavor. Even the kids devoured it! This might have to get a permanent spot in our meal rotation!

2. National Parks search and find book

So I have this dream that someday my family will visit every National Park in the United States. So far we're at zero, so we've got a ways to go before accomplishing this. Anyway, because of this far-fetched dream, I was delighted when my sister gave Pippa this National Parks search and find book for Christmas. I've been having so much fun doing one page with her before bed, and she often finds things before I do! 

3. Trades of Hope necklace and earrings

My mother-in-law sent this beautiful set of jewelry my way as a birthday gift, and I've been wearing it on repeat to teach. My maternity clothes are all solid color neutrals, so it's fun to add some glam my outfits. Not to mention, I love supporting women who partner with this amazing company. Trades of Hope's mission is to empower women of poverty around the world. I love a company with purpose! 

4. future travel plans

After returning from the conference I went to in San Antonio, I was dreaming big, and thinking of all the financial goals Justin and I have, especially related to my health and wellness business. Most of our goals are super practical, like paying off student loans, saving for a down payment on a house, and putting money aside for the kids' college and our retirement. We got to talking, and decided to add a fun goal to the mix, too! We're dreaming of a huge 10-year-anniversary trip for just the two of us. We will be married 7 years this July, so there's plenty of time to plan and set money aside. Destinations like Spain, Argentina, and the Virgin Islands have been tossed around. Half the fun of traveling is dreaming, planning, and looking forward to it, so we're taking the time to enjoy that part. So much of adult life and marriage is serious and weighted with responsibility, but it helps to have some fun, too!

5. How to Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup

This book was another birthday present that arrived in the mail 2 weeks ago, and this one was from my parents! It was perfectly timed, as the book arrived right before my solo trip to San Antonio. I devoured about half the book during the plane rides and in the airport, and am trying to squeeze in the rest with all my "down time" here at home. I'm furiously taking notes as I work my way through this book. There is so much information available on the internet for bloggers, it can feel overwhelming. It's nice to hold a physical book in my hands and really take to heart what the writer is saying. 

That's all for this Friday. Share below what's making you smile this week! 

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