sick weekend

I spent this past weekend at home alone with two sick kids. Just me, some hacking coughs, low grade fevers, runny noses, and facial tissue raining from the skies like confetti. My children had fallen victim to whatever illness is currently being passed around, and I had the good fortune of solo parenting during the thick of it while my husband coached a basketball tournament in another city. 

But I was not alone during this trying time! I had a network of support there to catch me when things got dire. A team of allies that urged me on when I thought I couldn't wipe another nose or clean another bowl of rejected chicken noodle soup off the kitchen floor. Today, I would like to thank that team for its support during this eternal weekend.

Dear Disney Movies I bought when I was in college when they were "released from the vault," 

Thank you for being a soothing presence to my sick three-year-old while I entertained my sick one-year-old, who somehow still wanted to play basketball. You lulled her to sleep, kept her entertained, and freed me up to wipe more noses than ever before. A kid can only watch so much Disney Junior before wanting a change. You were that change. 

Dear Law and Order SVU Marathon,

You came into my life at just the right time. How did you know I would need an escape from the incessant loop of Disney movies? Just as the dedicated detectives investigated those vicious felonies and arrested those dangerous criminals on the streets of New York City, I was inspired to investigate and destroy the plague that had entered my home. With Detective Olivia Benson at my side, I knew I could not fail. 

Dear organic apple pouches,

Thank you for providing my children with some semblance of nourishment during this illness's tenure in my home. Their appetites were compromised, but they always had room for you. Don't worry that they chose you over the nutritious homemade chicken noodle soup I slaved over. That's not your fault. You were just doing your job.

Dear lemon-scented disinfecting wipes,

You made me feel like I was making a real difference in the war against germs without having to do much of anything. Most of the weekend was spent with a 32 lb one-year-old on my hip, so one hand was all I had available. Your convenience and clean smell were noticed and appreciated.

Dear free cookies at Super Target,

Only in the most dire of circumstances would I consider leaving the house by myself with two sick children. But the cupboards were bare, and someone had to do something about it. Sweet cookies, you got me through at least 1/8th of my grocery shopping expedition without having to adjust my one-year-old trying to slide out of his buckle in the cart. You da real hero.


A Pregnant and Frazzled Mother of Two Sick Children

It looks like we're past the worst of it, and just in time to hit the ground running for the rigorous schedule of the school week! Perfect. 

Being quarantined at home with sick kids is just part of this parenting gig. A right of passage that every guardian must endure to receive their Certificate of Parenthood. I'm eagerly checking the mailbox, awaiting my certificate. Just a suggestion for whomever distributes those certificates - they should come with Starbucks gift cards or free massages. Actually both. Yes, definitely both.

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