What to Wear for Disney World in Summer

I find deciding what to wear for a day at a theme park to be exceedingly difficult. On one hand, I want to be comfortable, as these are long days of walking in the hot sun. On the other hand, I want to make sure I look put together since I know we'll be taking a lot of pictures. Outfits need to be breathable and cute, and I need to be able to sit comfortably on all types of rides. 

Then there's the shoe dilemma. You'll likely be walking miles at a time, but if you're like me, you hate wearing close-toed shoes when it's hot out. You need something that will support your feet, not fall off on a roller coaster, and match your (hopefully) cute outfit. 

As moms, we have so many important things to think about when preparing for a day at Disney with our families. We're packing snacks, getting our kids dressed and ready, making sure we have essentials like diapers, wipes, and sunscreen, and mapping out which rides to hit at what time. The last thing we want to be doing is stressing about what to wear!

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That's why I thought I would put together a few ideas for outfits to wear to Disney World (or any theme park, really!) in case you're trying to decide what to pack or what to wear for your memorable trip. 

This post will focus mostly on summer visits to Disney World. I know Florida can be warm year-round, but July and August are a special kind of torment when it comes to the heat and humidity. I'll really be focusing on how to stay cute, cool, and comfortable - the 3 Cs to Disney survival and happiness. 

I hope you gain some ideas from this post and that it sparks some inspiration for what to bring from your own closet! 

What to Wear for Disney World in Summer


What to wear for Disney World in Summer - Sundresses

At first, I was really hesitant to wear sundresses to a theme park. After all, you're riding rides which often require you to buckle something between your legs, and I didn't want to be worried about flashing things that shouldn't be seen!

But then I purchased some stretchy shorts to wear under skirts and dresses, and it became a game changer! Not only do they prevent wardrobe malfunctions, but they also help you avoid the dreaded thigh chaffing that can inevitably occur when walking long distances on a hot day no matter how skinny your legs are.

I find sundresses to be the perfect solution for long days at Disney because they photograph well, they make you look and feel put together, they're lightweight and breathable, and super affordable! My favorite cut is a swing dress since it doesn't cling to my midsection (and I'm still working on healing my diastasis recti). 

Don't forget cute shoes to match your breezy dress! I love that dresses and sneakers are a stylish combo these days for those of you who prefer a little more support and don't mind your toes being covered.

For my fellow ladies who would rather be barefoot (but will settle for minimalist sandals), I have a few comfortable options picked out for your with varying levels of support. I think the main thing to keep in mind is to avoid flip flops so that your feet don't have to work to keep your shoes on. A heel strap is your best friend as long as you've worn them before and know they don't give you blisters. 

I've linked to a few of my favorite sundresses, stretch shorts, and sandals below!



Shorts and a Tank

What to Wear for Disney World in Summer - shorts and a tank top

This seems to be a standard outfit for ladies at theme parks, but one big complaint I've had with shorts - especially cutoffs, is that they can ride up, chafe, or feel too heavy or bulky, especially if you happen to encounter a water ride. 

I've realized you have to be selective about the type and material of the shorts you wear in order to be comfortable and not pulling at the bottom of your shorts all day. Linen, cotton, or rayon are what I usually look for. I have had the best luck finding shorts at J. Crew Factory, or even J. Crew when they're on sale. I personally own, wear, and love these (pictured above), these, and these

My general rule of thumb is to wear a more fitted tank top if my shorts are baggier or boyfriend cut and to wear a flowy tank with more structured or fitted shorts. I often aim for the Parisian half-tuck to elongate my legs and make my outfit look more put together unless I'm wearing a shorter-cut tank. 

I've put together some looks for you below!



Athletic-Chic or Athleisure

Moisture-wicking athletic or performance clothes are now made to look cute and stylish for everyday wear, and I am HERE for it. If you are a sneakers-loving gal, this is the perfect look for you. 

Grab your favorite leggings or Capri leggings and pair them with a strappy sports bra and graphic tank and you're ready to go! Easy-peasy. 

If you're not into tennis shoes (like me), but still want to wear athleisure for your day at Disney, I've found Tevas to be the perfect comfortable shoe choice.

Since you're going to be walking miles at a time and sweating anyway, you might as well look the part and wear some athletic-chic clothes. 

Jumpsuit or Romper

Much like the classic sundress, a jumpsuit or romper is a modern and fun way to look dressed up for a day at the parks. There are so many different styles, lengths, and cuts, and some of them even feel like pajamas!

My only caution with wearing a jumpsuit or romper is that going to the bathroom is going to be a bit more of a process than just wearing a simple sundress. And if your kids are in the bathroom with you, they're going to have a lot of very uncomfortable questions and comments for you. So, you know, just be prepared for that.

Again, depending on the style of the jumpsuit, you can totally get away with stylish sneakers OR sandals. I might even throw on a Panama hat or sun hat to pull together the look and hide sweaty hair!

Whatever you decided to wear, I think this is a case where comfort triumphs over fashion. There is honestly nothing worse than tugging at your clothes all day long while you're supposed to be enjoying magic moments with your kids.

Another thing I want you to keep in mind is that it's going to be very humid if you go to Disney in summer, so you might want to pack a hair band to put your hair up when the humidity does weird things to it. Don't spend too much time curling or straightening your hair, because it won't stay that way. As a Florida resident, I often opt for blow drying the roots of my hair, then letting the rest of it air dry with a sea salt spray

Do your makeup as you normally would, but just consider using a setting powder under your eyes so your eyeshadow or eyeliner doesn't melt, making you look like a raccoon. I've been using this one for years. Grab some cheap sunnies while you're at it! The last thing you want to do is lose your favorite pair of shades on a ride at Disney. 

Alright, those are my best tips for getting dressed for a day at Disney with kids, as a mom of 3 and resident of Florida. Have you been to Disney in summer? What are your favorite things to wear?