texas road trip with chevy

Ah, the open road. There's nothing quite like it. Upbeat music blasting on the radio, bare feet on the dashboard, car snacks on point...and, of course, that feeling of freedom that comes with jumping in the car and road tripping. 

That's why I was so incredibly thankful to be included in the Chevy Road Show in Central Texas this past weekend. The wonderful people at Chevy reached out after seeing some of my family-friendly travel articles on TravelPulse, and long story short, I ended up in Texas to test out one of their crossover vehicles for a road trip!

You can check out my article on TravelPulse here!

The Vehicle

Ok, so our first stop upon landing in Austin was the Fair Market where we got to learn more about the vehicle we would be driving. The two crossover vehicles on display were the Chevy Equinox and Chevy Traverse


Honestly, I don't know a lot about cars. I'm the kind of person that goes to buy a car and asks how many cup holders there are. But it was really eye-opening to see the attention to detail and safety that goes into these vehicles.

(Ok, this is an edit after writing this blog post. I totally didn't mean for this to sound like a commercial for Chevy...I was just honestly so excited by all these features that I didn't even know I needed in a car!)

Spill-Proof Interiors

The material used on the interior of the car is spill-proof and easy to clean. We got to put it to the test by pouring bright red soda on a swatch of the material, and my mouth literally dropped open when the soda simple beaded up and rolled off. 


As a mom with 3 very young kids, I am no stranger to spills and accidents. I feel like I spend half my life scrubbing stains out of various materials, so I was pretty excited about this feature. I even wondered aloud if I could decorate my entire home, or at the very least my couches, in this material.

They also casually mentioned that it was dog hair proof and that almost got me more excited than the spill-proof factor. We have a yellow lab and I am pretty much always covered in a thin layer of dog hair. We also bring our lab on road trips to Wisconsin with us, and one of our biggest struggles has been trying to vacuum up all the dog hair after the trip is over. 


OK, enough about the interior material. That was pretty cool, but the safety features of the car are even more impressive. Our Equinox was equipped with not just a Rear Vision Camera, but also a bird's-eye view called Surround Vision to help prevent backover accidents. 


The car also reminds you if you opened one of the backseat doors before getting in the driver's seat. By the grace of God, I haven't forgotten a child in the backseat when running errands, but I can see how it could happen with mom brain and distractions. Rear Seat Reminder is instrumental in avoiding preventable tragedies because we know how quickly the inside of cars can heat up! 

Finally, the car was equipped with navigation and On-Star so we never worried about getting lost. Plus, the fact that WiFi is available in the car means you never have to worry about what happens if you get lost or stuck in an area with no reception.

The Road Trip

Wow, I really didn't realize I had that much to say about a vehicle! It must be because I have a 2-year-old boy at home who is obsessed with all things transportation-related.


So the wonderful people at Chevy had created a suggested itinerary for us with ideas for stops we could make along our road trip. Before we arrived, we were pretty ambitious about which spots we wanted to include, but once we arrived and finally got on the road, we realized we probably wouldn't have as much time as we thought.

Start in Austin

Before you head out for your Central Texas road trip, you might want to experience a little bit of Austin!

  • Fill up on some amazing Austin at the local favorite, Torchy's Tacos.

  • Stretch your legs and walk around Lady Bird Lake.

  • Visit the State Capitol

  • Take a picture in front of the Greetings from Austin mural

Wildseed Farms

We decided we definitely wanted to see the Texas wildflowers and bluebonnets at Wildseed Farms. Entrance is free, so it was the perfect spot to stretch our legs once we got out of Austin.


Wildseed Farms is actually the largest wildflower farm in the country, and the entire grounds, from the fields of flowers to the vineyards, shops, and Biergarten, were breathtaking. It was so peaceful to wander in nature, watching the butterflies flit from flower to flower after being in a car. It was the perfect spot to stop along the way.


Fredericksburg, Texas

This little town was the cutest blend of German heritage and Texas spunk. It's home to over 30 wineries, so take your pick! It's also a great spot for shopping with tons of boutiques and souvenir shops that invite you in with a cold beer or a glass of wine. You might want to make this a pit stop on your road trip for some traditional German food and beer. 


If you're looking to spend a little more time in this area, there are opportunities to explore Fredericksburg's history with museums and historical buildings from the days of its early German settlers. 

Other Stops

Like I said, we were very ambitious at the outset and wanted to fit in all the stops, but by the time we finished exploring Fredericksburg it was getting late, and we wanted to make sure we got checked into our hotel in San Antonio. 

If you get an earlier start than we did, you can pick strawberries at Marburger Orchard. If I had brought my kids with me on this trip, I think this would have been my first stop. North of Fredericksburg is Enchanted Rock State Natural Area which looked like it had some beautiful hikes. If you're an outdoorsy family, definitely build this into your itinerary.

San Antonio

Our last stop was San Antonio where Chevy so generously put us up at Hotel Emma. I have so much more to write about both San Antonio and Hotel Emma, so those will be their own separate posts. Stay tuned!



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