19 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Rio de Janeiro

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flavors of the forest in Rio
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Whether it’s the bright colors, the friendly people, the beautiful language, or the tasty food that draws you in, Rio de Janeiro doesn’t disappoint. You’ll find some of the most famous beaches in the world alongside an urban rainforest and big city vibes.

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I don’t mean to paint Rio as a city with no flaws. Like many tourist destinations, travelers must be aware of their surroundings and wise about where they go. What I want to convey is that Rio has so much to offer to people with open hearts and curious minds that it’s worth the vaccinations, the visa process, and the extra safety precautions.

If you take the time to speak with the Carioca people - those local to Rio - you’ll get to know their warmth and their zest for life. You’ll want to emulate their laid back attitude and join them in their enjoyment of outdoor activities.

You’ll be captivated by the rapid Portuguese which will leave you wanting to learn more. If you’re a proficient Spanish speaker like me, you’ll catch bits and pieces, words and phrases here and there.

Caipirinhas, Brazil’s national drink, will make you want to stay out until the wee hours of the morning dancing samba. After returning home you’ll be dreaming of warm pão de queijo, or cheese bread. You’ll reminisce about the tender cuts of meat fresh from the churrasco grill.

I hope you’re inspired to add Rio de Janeiro to your bucket list after seeing some of these photos of my time there. If so, make sure to check out my other articles about Rio!

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