an adorable natural baby wear shop - goumikids review

Does anyone else go through so many pajamas when their babies are little? Between spit up and blowouts, it feels like we fly through our stash of pjs faster than I can do a load of laundry. I can never have enough pajamas for the littlest member of our family, so when goumikids offered to send us some items from their shop in exchange for a review, I jumped at the chance!  

These organic bamboo and cotton pajamas are some of the softest I've tried, making morning snuggles the absolute sweetest moment of the day. I was really surprised to discover that not only do they feel amazing, but they're also antimicrobial, keeping your baby safe from germs! My absolute favorite feature, though, is the adorable bum flap in the back for easy diaper changes. I try to keep lighting dim and eye contact to a minimum when doing those middle-of-the-night diaper changes, and the flap makes those changes go even faster. 

Since we live in Florida, it can warm up very quickly in the morning, so I love the toe-free option, just by flipping back the fabric! He's warm and snuggly at night, and cool in the morning. The patterns on the mitts are made specifically to stimulate baby's brain with high-contrast patters. They seriously thought of everything with these pajamas!

Lewis is wearing the school of fish 'alls in grey, and we already started him in the 3-6 month size. He's got plenty of length to grow into! 

We also ordered the mitts and boots bundle, which stay on better than any mitts or socks we've tried! I was recently reading through a message thread in a mom's group where a new mama was asking for recommendations for baby socks that actually stay on. These booties and mitts have a 2 part closure system that ensures that they stay put. There is elastic around the wrists and ankles, and velcro to keep them exactly where you want them. 

Lewis spent the first few weeks of his life scratching up his own face, so I was thrilled to give these mittens a try - and we have a winner! I should mention that I'm terrified of clipping my kids' nails, ever since I accidentally nicked Pippa's finger when she was a baby 4 years ago, and it bled for about a half hour. I can't believe I've never tried mitts until now, but I'm glad these were my first experience with them. They're perfect, and so adorable!

They also come with this tiny laundry bag to keep everything safe and together in the machine - no disappearing sock situation here!

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