summer staples for kids

The smell of coconut and banana scented sunscreen perfumed the sticky summer day as my sisters and I prepared to jump back in the pool. My mom had a "no TV before 6 p.m." rule every summer, so we took full advantage of the pool in our back yard. Our neighbor friends would flock to our house, because when you have 6 kids, what's a few more? We spent those long hot days playing "lemonade" in the pool, then laying on our towels on the driveway to let the sun dry us off. We then migrated to the front yard for an obstacle course or a round of capture the flag or SPUD. Our entire summer was spent in swimsuits, play clothes, and those parks & rec department baseball tees. 

Now that I'm a parent, I love that my kids are making those same memories during the summer months. At home in Florida, we have to get out early before it gets too humid, but we've been making use of Teddy's new tee ball set, Pippa's new bike, and of course, the beach! On vacation in the Midwest, I love letting the kids roam free in the soft grass to play games and use their imagination. It's a magical time! 

I always try to keep that in mind when getting the kids' summer wardrobes ready. From hand-me-downs to new purchases, they must be comfortable, easy to move around in, and cute! Gymboree's summer line checks all of those boxes, so I thought I would share a few of my favorites here! (Stay tuned for my exclusive discount code below!)

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preschool girl

I love the cold shoulder trend, and how adorable would it be on a little girl!?! And that sun hat! Do they make it in adult sizes?

For when we're heading to the playground, riding bikes outside, or playing ball in the yard, Pippa needs some comfortable play clothes. I love the solid color shirt to mix and match with bottoms she already has!

And of course, since we live in Florida, I'm stocking up on swimwear! Pippa is growing like a weed, so end of summer sales are the time to buy in the next size up. Rash guards are a must to protect her skin from the sun during those long days at the beach. 

toddler boy

Teddy turns 2 in a few weeks, but is already fitting into size 3T! That means he only got to wear his 2T clothes for a short time, and I'm rushing to fill in the wardrobe gaps. We're packing away clothes that are too small faster than he can climb on top of the kitchen table! 

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for little boys in bro tanks. Especially little Teddy with his surfer dude curly blond hair? It's too cute. (Adds one more baby bro tank to shopping cart). 

Of course Teddy needs a few sophisticated and stylish outfits, but adds that casual touch with a baseball cap. Kid seriously never leaves the house without a hat. 

I love that their swimwear is UPF 50! We reapply at the beach as often as we can, but really we're no match for a squirmy toddler boy. 

baby boy

Our littlest man doesn't need any more clothes - he has plenty of hand-me-downs from Teddy! But it's still fun to browse and find something special for our resident third child. Here are a few fun new outfits. The pineapples are killing me!

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