friday favorites #16

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I, for one, will be celebrating with my first post-baby margarita on the beach tonight! I crave margaritas with every pregnancy, so this will be a treasured moment for me.

This weekend we have family in town for Lewis's baptism, and I'm so excited for some quality family time! I'm running on a serious sleep deficit, since Lewis is waking up at least every 2 hours to eat, but am fueling up on coffee, nutritious foods, and tons of water to keep my energy up during the day, so I can enjoy their visit to the fullest! (Plus lots of hands to help with the kids doesn't hurt either.) 

Anyway, here we go! First Friday Favorites post-baby:

Friday Favorites

1. My mom!

I honestly don't know how we would have gotten through this past week without my mom's help. Besides the obvious need for another adult, since I am not allowed to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs or drive, she has been making this time of transition so special for Pippa and Teddy by taking them to the beach, out for donuts, to the play place at McDonalds, to the park, and more! It's also been so nice to have someone to help clean the house when I can't perform a lot of the normal chores I'm used to doing throughout the day. We've decided she can't leave Florida! 

2. Sibling love

overseeing baby brother's first bath!

overseeing baby brother's first bath!

These two have been so great with their baby brother! Pippa requests to hold him infinity times throughout the day, and will not let someone take him once she has him in her clutches. Teddy will camp out next to the baby's bouncy chair and pet him while cooing, "Baby!" He even ventured so far as to ask to hold Lewis yesterday! Of course, I had one hand on the baby the whole time, because Teddy is only 21 months after all. 

3. LILLEbaby 

Before Lewis was born, I knew one of the most important things I could invest in was a baby carrier I would actually use. I have a Moby wrap, which I loved when I was in Minnesota. However, it just feels like way too much fabric for Florida summers. 

Enter the LILLEbaby. When they offered to send me a carrier to try out, I was so excited, because I had heard so many mom friends recommend the LILLEbaby! I'm happy to report that I tried it out, not even a week after having a C-section, and it was so comfortable! I couldn't believe how light it felt on my back and shoulders, since the weight is distributed to your hips as well. I also asked the kind folks at LILLEbaby for advice on the best carrier for warm weather, that would also transition into toddlerhood. They highly recommended the Complete Airflow, since it's made with breathable fabric to keep baby cool. I have a feeling Baby Lewis will be living in this carrier!

Here's my affiliate link --> LILLEbaby 

If you're expecting a baby, or looking for a carrier, this is by far the most comfortable one I've tried! 

4. Outside time

Both Pippa and Teddy got their birthday presents from Nanny and Granddad early (they both have summer birthdays), to help Nanny keep them entertained while she stays here. Little Miss Pippa got herself a new big girl bike (make it stop! She's growing up too fast!), and Teddy got a t-ball set. The kids have been living outside playing with their new prized possessions, which is fine by me, because they've been exhausted by the end of the day! 

Teddy's actually getting quite proficient with the bat (somewhat terrifying), and constantly asks to play "bahbio" , or baseball, and Pippa's been biking like a champ! Check out my Instagram stories for footage of their new skills!

5. Sales!

Ok, mamas. I've got the inside scoop for you! I've been rotating the kids' clothes with summer coming up, and have noticed a few gaps in their wardrobe. Gymboree has 40% off your entire purchase this weekend, PLUS you can get free shipping on top of that if you use the code AFF. A few of my favorite picks for the kids are this cold shoulder dress for Pippa, this island boy outfit for Teddy, and this beauty look for Lewis. 

Don't forget about yourself, mama! 30% off adult styles at Old Navy. I can't get enough of this summery off-the-shoulder tank! (I'm getting closer every day to wearing normal clothes. Adiós, maternity wear!) 

Really eyeing up this linen romper from Gap. 40% off with code YOURS. Bonus! It's nursing friendly :)

That's it for this Friday! What's got you smiling this week? Have a wonderful weekend!

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