friday favorites #10

¡Feliz viernes a todos! We were on spring break this week, which is funny, because this is the only week we have had in northern Florida that actually feels like winter! I truly didn't mind the lower temps, but did feel bad for everyone vacationing from northern climates, as we did not have great beach weather to offer.

This week was a perfect mix of relaxing, productive, and fun. Having Justin's parents in town was so nice, because anytime you can outnumber the kids, things tend to be a lot easier. So while I'm riding the high of a great week off school, let's dive in, shall we?

Friday Favorites

#1. Exploring St. Augustine

One thing I was most excited about when we moved to Florida was our proximity to St. Augustine, America's oldest city. I had visited once as a teenager, and was looking forward to exploring the charming streets that I remembered. It's the perfect spot to bring visitors because you can choose to simply stroll St. George Street and browse the shops there, take tours to learn about the history of this fascinating city, or visit monuments like the Fountain of Youth. 

This time we chose to tour Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. While it was slightly terrifying to have a one-year-old boy running around atop the fort with relatively low walls in some areas, the views were incredible, and reading about the role the Castillo played in our history was fascinating. A must-see if you're ever in St. Augustine!

#2. Prohibition Kitchen + Poutine!

While in St. Augustine, we ducked into a restaurant called Prohibition Kitchen for lunch. All of the food was incredible, but when we saw the poutine on the appetizer menu, we knew we had to give it a try. I had heard my sister and her husband raving about this dish after they visited Montreal, but was very skeptical of the French fry and gravy combo. We were not disappointed, though! Our platter of poutine was polished off in a matter of minutes, and it was the perfect amount for the table to share without getting overly full before our meals came out. 

The atmosphere of the gastropub was another thing we couldn't stop raving about! The repurposed wood and huge booths truly made you feel like you were back in the 1920s. I was also a fan of the high ceilings and super friendly service. This pregnant mama was craving a burger, so I didn't order anything too adventurous (aside from our poutine appetizer!), but you know it's a good burger when I barely touch the fries! 

#3. Pedicures

So the last time I got a pedicure was for my sister-in-law's wedding almost two years ago. I forgot what a relaxing treat it is! Armed with recommendations from some local ladies, my mother-in-law and I snuck away from the husbands and kids for a bit to get pampered. I loved getting to relax and converse with her without getting interrupted by the kids. I chose a cerulean blue for my toes, while my MIL picked a bright pink! Now if only it were warm enough to enjoy our freshly pedicured toes on the beach!

#4. Strawberry Orange Creamsicle Shakes

To counteract some of the rich and delicious food we've been consuming lately with all of our visitors, I've been relying on my favorite superfood shakes for breakfast and sometimes lunch to fight bloating and fill in the gaps of nutrition I might be missing. I usually stick with chocolate, but for some reason an ice cold strawberry shake was calling my name. (Pregnancy cravings, perhaps?) I added a scoop of my orange electrolyte drink mix and blended it with a few frozen strawberries, and I was in heaven! Although, when Pippa saw my beautiful concoction, she ended up drinking half of it. But hey! I'm not opposed to her getting good nutrition, too, so I let her have as much as she wanted.

#5. Justin's 31st Birthday!

That's right, folks! I'm officially married to a 31-year-old today. I'm still super young and in my 20s, so I have a few more months to tease him about being old. We enjoyed his favorite meal while his parents were here - taco salad, and I whipped up a brownie caramel cheesecake for dessert, since cheesecake is his favorite! (I used this recipe). Justin definitely deserves a celebration today. He's such a great dad to our kids, a passionate teacher who loves his job and his students, and a wonderful husband. Happy birthday, babe! 

That's it for this Friday! What's got you smiling this week?

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