things all third trimester moms can relate to

third trimester humor

Doing the pregnancy waddle when you think no one is looking, then pretending to walk like a normal person as soon as you see someone.

Going into full lockdown mode as soon as you know a sneeze is coming.

Completely lying about your due date when a stranger asks "any day now, huh?" and you reply, "Yup!" even though you know you have like 10 weeks left. 

Unintentional crop tops. How do your maternity shirts not fit with 8 weeks left???

Planning and executing a tactical plan for how you will roll over to sleep on your other side. It is no small feat, friends. 

Calculating permutations and combinations of outfits you can wear with the 3 tops and 2 bottoms that still fit.

Being thankful that you still have that one dress you look cute in. #blessed

Dropping something on the floor and deciding you never really needed it anyway.

Climbing stairs? Out of breath. Walking? Out of breath. Sitting on the couch watching Netflix? Also out of breath.

Arranging every pillow in the house on your side of the bed in order to get "comfortable."

Knocking into people and objects when you turn sideways because you forgot how big your belly was.

Trying to decide if you're hungry, nauseous, or full. 

Watching your baby roll around, and trying to guess which body part is imprinting itself on your belly.

Toting a gallon of Tums in your purse everywhere you go.

Using your bump as a table for your bowl of cereal.

Enjoying the freedom of letting your belly hang out as far as it will go. In a few weeks, this will no longer be considered "cute." 

Chugging a bottle of water and plopping in a chair every time those Braxton Hicks strike. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Coming up with new ways to ask your husband for a foot massage every night. 

Knowing that despite every ache, pain, and inconvenience, that sweet babe inside of you is such a gift. Totally worth it. 

You're in the home stretch mama. You got this!