currently °5

making || to-do


cooking || 

the same 3 meals every. single. week. 

drinking || 

organic coffee

 with a sea salt caramel chocolate melted inside. Decadent.  



"The Girl Code" by Cara Alwill Leyba 

wanting || 

an entire day to take care of nagging tasks (clearing space on my computer and phone, correcting papers, and unpacking all the boxes in our garage). 

listening || 

to my Audio Bible app

learning ||

that doing little things you don't feel like doing makes a big difference

trying || 

to make a flower crown for Pippa's third birthday.  

remembering ||

this time last year when we were packing to move to Florida

watching || 

my babies turn into people. Simultaneously bursting with pride and weeping with nostalgia. 

deciding || 

to make this summer productive


 relaxing. It can be done! 

wishing || 

for a trip to South America. (This will be an awesome trip when we're done having kids and they're a little older!) 

planning || 

Pippa's third birthday and Teddy's first birthday 

enjoying ||

simple pleasures: sunshine, palm trees, hot coffee, a comfy bed, sandal tan lines...

wondering || 

if I can just abandon my Yahoo email address altogether...or...should I tell people?

needing || 

a trim and highlights. For what is summer without the blondest hair possible? And why do I always have a know of hair at the nape of my neck?

wearing || 

sundresses and flowy tanks - summer is here people! 

noticing || 

a look of quiet desperation in other teachers' eyes. We're almost there, guys! We can do it! 

smelling || 

sweaty baby hair. The best. 

buying || 

a kitchen table soon, hopefully? We're eating at a card table on the lanai. 

feeling || 

optimistic about the future.