philippa's first year

pippa's first day of life

the weeks before her first birthday

Philippa Florence

completes her first year of life today.

When did the switch happen?

When did she stop being

a sleeping, eating, dependent infant,

and become a personality?

A parent spends those first few weeks and months

nose to the grindstone

toothpicks propping open their eyes

determined to keep baby alive.

And maybe, happy.


a parent gets to relax

sit back

and watch a little person develop.

They get to watch


 little person

working so hard

nose to the grindstone

figuring out their own new job.

Their own new job of sitting, eating, and talking.

And then.

A parent stops relaxing

and starts chasing.

Running after those little baby biscuits

scurrying away with a howl of laughter.

Following behind

to make sure there are no pinched fingers

nasty spills

or eaten fuzzes.

That first year. There is nothing like it.

I feel like the best 3 words to sum up this past year:

what just happened?

Philippa Florence

you are:










you're awesome because you:

roar like a lion


do the baby sign for "eat" All. The. Time.

flirt with anyone in church who will make eye contact with you

booty pop when you hear music - where did you learn that?

ask for "adua" (agua)

fake cry when you hear the word "no"

want to read ¿Cómo Estás Pequeño Panda? incessantly

sleep through the night 7 p.m. - 7 a.m.

put your hands on your head when we say "ay ay ay"

eat every food - we have yet to find something you don't like!

let me put headbands and ponytails in your hair

love animals

open all the cabinets ever

close all the doors ever

climb all over Pablo, pet him, and steal his bone

give the biggest, wettest besitos (kisses)

favorite foods:

you like them all, but especially bananas, avocados, and cheese

favorite songs:

I Am Jesus' Little Lamb

Cristo Me Ama

Hola Don Pepito






Pippi Philippi

It has been a whirlwind first year with you, dearest Pippa, but you are the light of our lives! We can't get enough of your antics, the new things you learn every day, and your laughter. You are pure joy.