Pippa: Mommy, can I have a piggy back ride?

Emily: Sure. *struggles to carry child for more than 10 steps* Wow, you're really growing so big!

Pippa: The food is working!


My sister Molly sits down with a bowl of cereal.

Pippa: Can I have a bite of cereal?

Molly: Sure. But first, what's the magic word?

Pippa: Abracadabra?

Pippa searches for her doll. 

Pippa: Where's Baby Princess Kitty Cat?

Emily: I think she's in your room.

Pippa: What? That's impossible!


Pippa walks in on me getting ready for a night out.

Pippa: Mommy! Look at you! You look so fancy!

Pippa and I snuggle in bed. Pippa leans over, feels my forehead looking concerned.

Pippa: Wow. You're really sweaty.


Emily: So, what do you want to play next?

Pippa: Let's play blocks!

Emily: Meh. I don't know if I feel like doing that.

Pippa: Mommy you have to. It's family time.


Pippa stares intently at female Target worker with short hair.

In my head: Please don't say it. Please don't say it. Please d-

Pippa, loudly: Mommy is that a boy or a girl? I think that's a boy worker.


Pippa: I think I'm feeling a little sickies.

Emily: You are? Are you ok?

Pippa: I just need a little something to make me feel better. Maybe I can have a little bit of a t.v. show?