Blogging Resources

Here are some of the resources I have invested in to grow my blog and social media accounts that have made a huge difference in my traffic and income. Check them out for yourself!


Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell at

Pinterest used to be the my virtual cookbook, and nothing more. I was completely lost about how to use it to drive traffic, yet I continued to see other bloggers tout it as their number one traffic source. I knew I had to figure it out if I wanted to make blogging work. A blogger friend recommended this e-book to me, and I'm so glad she did! I've learned so much, and Pinterest has now surpassed Facebook as my number one source of traffic, AND I've been able to drive my ideal client to my site! Definitely worth a read.


Hashtag Hero

Two years ago I took an awesome Instagram course to learn how to use the social media platform for my blog and health and wellness business. It was so helpful, and exactly the kind of information I was looking for - in fact, I still go back to reread sections quite often. When the creator, Alex Tooby, came out with a smaller course on hashtags, I jumped at the chance to purchase it. She recently released some additions to the course that I *love*. My favorite addition by FAR are the targeted hashtag packs for different niches. I've used some of the specially curated hashtags this week and I've seen big growth to my account. Check out the course - it's pretty awesome if you're struggling with the Shadow Ban, or figuring out how to use hashtags to attract your target audience.


Infamous to Influential

My Instagram account really started to grow, when I invested in a course that taught me how to zero in on my client avatar, and work with a purpose when I spend time on Instagram. I don't have time to waste flailing around, or throwing spaghetti at a wall hoping something sticks. I had to learn from an expert, and I had to learn quickly.

The course I took was exactly what I was looking for. It walked me through step-by-step, giving actionable tips, worksheets to fill out, videos to watch, examples to follow, a private Facebook mastermind group where I could ask questions, lifetime access to the information, and tons of extra free courses and resources. If there's anything I dislike, it's paying for information that I already know. I'm a self-motivated lifelong learner, and I believe I can figure most things out on my own. However, I know when someone else has already put in the work and has more experience than I do, it is sometimes smart to invest money in order to shorten the learning curve. Here is an affiliate link to the course I took: Infamous to Influential 

"Infamous to Influential walks you through legitimate methods that are proven to cultivate REAL, ENGAGED, and TARGETED Instagram followers that are specific to your industry, niche, and business. But don't think follower growth won't be quick, because it will! You'll be surprised!"