mr and mrs goods

 Wedding planning was not my thing. Too many decisions, too many details, too many dollars. I was 22 when I got married, and didn't have a very strong sense of personal style when it came to decor. Still don't. I always seem to have a better idea of what I don't like than what I do.

My sister Molly, though, has a great eye for design and style - which is why her personal style blog is so successful! She handpicked every detail and vendor for her wedding with discretion and care. The result was so unique and beautiful -and after planning a wedding myself, I have learned to appreciate these little elements that take months to curate.

All of the physical details aside, nothing is more beautiful than two people entering into the institution of marriage based first on their love for God, and second on their love for one another. It has been an incredible year, welcoming 2 of my sisters into the married club.

Enjoy these snapshots of Molly and Tim's gorgeous wedding day.

Everything was simple, yet elegant - a balance I strive for, but can't seem to master. To fit that theme, Molly and Tim served breakfast for dinner, with donuts for dessert. I want to go back in time to eat that meal again and again.

the bride enjoying a moment of peace before the whirlwind of crazy

makeup and hair products were everywhere - and I was in heaven! I think my parents' kitchen is still coated in a layer of hairspray and loose powder.

the finished product - vintage glam

the bridesmaids enjoying our gifts from Molly - these adorable robes! Plus, also, MIMOSA - TREAT YOSELF
trying to keep a certain flower girl occupied before her shining moment down the red carpet

our little family
As a side note, I would just like to point out that I did my own hair and makeup for the wedding. After getting my hair done for 2 other weddings, and just not being satisfied with the results, I decided that all those years reading hair care manuals from the 90s when I was a tween qualified me to do a fancy updo for a formal event. Obviously it's nothing fancy...just a lot of teasing and a lot of bobby pins.

most fun bridal party ever. I mean, 5/8ths of us are sisters, but still. The other three girls kind of made any wedding events hilarious and unforgettable. And they brought up the class average in looks.

Molly's adorable and talented photographer capturing the bride and maids-of-honor - check out some of her gorgeous photographs on Molly's blog today!

You can't tell, but Pippa had just awoken from a nap, and wasn't thrilled about this situation

fun on the party trolley!

what happens when you try to get your 1 year old to party all night long


 I love finding small things to treasure in quotidian life, but there's something to be said for an all out celebration! Lucky for me, this weekend was full of them. After a 10 days of sickness in our house, a weekend with family, good food, and parties was exactly what we needed.

To kick off the weekend, we threw a bridal shower at my parents' house for my sister Molly - she's getting married this summer! With a subtle 1950s & polka dot theme, the details arranged by Molly's maids of honor, Maggie (our sister) and Taylor (our honorary sister), were absolutely stunning.


We sent Molly off with date ideas at every price point, travel suggestions, and a few gifts to help her and her fiancé kick off married life this summer.

Sunday was my first "official" Mothers Day. There always seems to be so much pressure on moms to have the perfect day, and husbands and kids to produce the perfect offering of thanks. That pressure only serves to ruin the spirit of honoring mothers' service and sacrifice to their families by creating expectations that can never be met, and thus disappointment. True love to one another demands that we don't feel entitled to adulation or gifts - whether it's for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. The solution is to spend the day enjoying the company of those we love by humbly serving those around us and graciously accepting the acts of service others perform for us.

Our day was lovely and low key. We heard the voice of our Good Shepherd at church. We basked in the 80° sunshine while we devoured books and fresh fruit. We strolled through a park, then sipped coffee and ate pastries on a sidewalk patio. It was an idyllic Sunday and Mothers Day that had me counting and naming the blessings lavished in my life by a gracious God.

a new years wedding

rehearsal dinner
 pip and nanny (grandma) | the sisters at rehearsal dinner | amazing dessert | parents of the bride

wedding hair and makeup
me + annie | wedding brunch spread | 4/6 sisters hair and makeup done | taylor, honorary Rasmussen sister and makeup genius with Molly 

New Years Wedding
 Pip, looking adorable for the wedding | me, annie, + pip in the bridal room | maggie | liz, the beautiful bride putting on final touches
New Year's Eve Wedding
chaotic kid picture | bride + moh | ready to get married! |pip slept through the whole ceremony

 family pic

Bridesmaids Hair Makeup Dresses

(I mostly took pictures while getting ready and before the ceremony, so I don't really have many of the couple together…oops!)

Justin, Pip, and I were so fortunate to be a part of my sister's gorgeous New Year's wedding. I thankful not to have to come up with plans for New Year's Eve this year - and still got to rock the night away on the dance floor! There is no better way to commemorate a holiday than with close family and friends, while celebrating the love and commitment between Liz and Brent. 

Despite the painful heels I chose to wear during the ceremony, I couldn't help but be filled with joy as I watched my sister and her (now) husband recite their vows. It reminded me of the day 3.5 years ago when Justin and I said those same words to each other. Liz and Brent's ceremony was also a great reminder to keep Christ at the center of our marriage, and that love not only a feeling, but even more so a decision we make each day. 

Cheers to Liz and Brent! May your first year of a long marriage be filled with laughter, memories, and a minimum of dumb fights about who will do the dishes.