theodore's first year

Teddy's first week of life

The week before Teddy's first birthday

Theodore Scott 

you are one today!

My second baby. We spent so much time praying for you. Waiting for you. And as cliche as it sounds, we can't remember what life was like before you. From the moment you

bulldozed your way into this world

, all 8 lb 10 oz of you, you filled our hearts with joy. We were no less excited to watch you learn to roll over, sit up, eat food, crawl, talk, and pull yourself up than were with your big sister. You light up every room you enter!

Your first year was full of ups and downs. You did not want to be set down for your first 6 months, and our backs and arms suffered for it. (You weren't exactly a small baby). You nursed like a champ for 3 months, but we struggled to get you enough milk by the time you were 6 months, resulting in several trips to the nutritionist. (Perhaps a sign of how you can never get enough food?) After adding formula and solids, you were back to your fat happy self. And Slowly but surely, you grew into the most laid back baby. Once you could sit up by yourself and see what was going on around you, you because content to watch your big sister and play by yourself. When you started crawling, you became so excited to explore. You're all smiles all the time, unless your food is gone. Then your shrieks of indignation reach the ends of the earth. And that's the thing, Teddy Bear. You never cry! You're either happy as can be, or you're screaming at the top of your lungs. No in between.

You adore your big sister, and the feeling is mostly mutual. Except when you play with any toy ever. Even if it's yours, she insists she was playing with it. You already tease her by pulling her hair or getting in between her and her tv show. And don't even get me started on your love for doggies! Your eyes get wide, and you whisper over and over "doggie. doggie. doggie." each time you see one. And you can spot them from a mile away! You love tickles from Daddy and snuggles with Mommy. If anyone wants to hold you, you give them a fair shot! No stranger danger for you! As long as you can't see me, you're happy to hang out with whomever will have you.

At 1, your language is already exploding, and I can't wait to continue to watch your personality develop. I can't imagine a different fourth member of our family. God designed you just for us! We're so grateful we get to be your parents.

Happy First Birthday, Teddy Bear!

Theodore Scott

you are:

laid back





a foodie


you're awesome because you:

never stop eating

scream when the food is gone

say "mama, dada, Pippa, uh-oh!, ball!, doggie, 

Maggie, Gan-Gan, all done, night-night, hi, hola"

climb all over Pablo

whisper "doggie" in reverence whenever you see one

are obsessed with playing ball

seriously never stop playing ball

sleep from 7 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.

roar like a lion, and make elephant and monkey noises

steal my chocolate shakes

give open mouth kisses

laugh at people's jokes

have a grin that lights up a room - and you use it often!

always have your tongue sticking out

love swimming

adore your big sister and already try to bug her

favorite foods:

banana, cheese, Cheerios, and toast


Teddy, Tedward, Teddy Bear, Theodorable

philippa's third birthday

philippa's third birthday

Happy Third Birthday, Phillipa Florence! It's been a crazy year of changes for you. Shortly after turning 2 you moved from Minnesota to Florida and got a baby brother! You started school for the first time, moved to a big girl bed, got potty trained, and moved to yet another house. You handled it all so well, like I knew you would. Sure, there were tantrums and tears, but we knew we'd figure it out together. You always keep us laughing with your big words, jokes, silly songs, and funny faces.

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28 things

Happy birthday to me! I'm 28 today, and it feels wonderful to be celebrating another year. After all, our time of grace here on earth is short, and we must make the most of it!

I have acquired a certain wisdom in my old age, so today I would like to share 28 important lessons I have learned in my 28 years.

1. NEVER put on eyeliner in a hurry. Especially eyeliner of the liquid variety. This is a grave warning, and should be taken seriously by all.

2. Stop trying to dress like everyone else. Just accept the fact that you like flowy black shirts, buy one for each day of the week, and get on with your life. No one will even notice. (Except your teenage female students...they notice all things wardrobe-related). 

3. Make your bed.  

4. How your day goes is largely determined by your mindset. You choose to go on a downward spiral. You also can choose to look at everything as a beautiful adventure. 

5. Pinterest fails are hilarious. 

6. Always carry a water bottle with you. 

7. Many minor problems, bad moods, or tough situations can be helped by a shower, a walk, or a good night's sleep. Also, Netflix.

8. You should just do that thing you keep putting off. This goes for little things like responding to that email. This also goes for big things like starting a business. 

9. School is important. But you can teach yourself an awful lot with a library card, the internet, and practice.

10. Any new skill takes time. You won't be great right away.

11. Learn a new language. Your world will expand.

12. Be a good tipper. People in the service industry work really hard. 

13. People will say really weird things to you when you're pregnant. About your body, your size, their own birthing experience, or parenting advice. They mean well... (looking at you, lady at the fro-yo shop who asked if I was having triplets). 

14. Babies will always choose the most inopportune times to have a blowout diaper situation. Try to laugh about it. 

15. Toddler tantrums are best endured by taking a video on your iPhone and putting it in slow motion. You won't win any parent of the year awards, but it will be hilarious.

16. Pay attention to the visa laws when studying in a foreign country. 

17. Under no circumstances should you leave Butt Paste, markers, or electronics within reach of a two year old without supervision.

18. Pregnancy brain is real.

19. Don't buy it on sale if you wouldn't pay full price for it.

20. If you're married to a teacher, you will frequently find paperclips in the washing machine. 

21. You and your spouse are on the same team. Act like it.

22. People will generally like you if you are kind and show interest in them...

23. Except if you're in high school. The social hierarchy in high school is terrifying, haphazard, and very Lord of the Flies-esque. Your popularity in high school is absolutely not an indicator of your future. 

24. On that same note, not


 will like you. That's actually ok. But still a hard lesson to learn. 

25. Always err on the side of being overdressed. Look nice when you're traveling. Keep some concealer in your purse. 

26. Enjoy having meals or drinks on patios in the sunshine as often as you can. I truly believe that is one of life's greatest luxuries and joys. (It's our wedding anniversary tradition - drinks on a patio!) 

27. Text (or snapchat) your best friend and siblings often with ugly selfies, inside jokes, and screenshots of memes. 

28. Trust God's plan for your life. He knows more than you do.  

I'm in awe of the people God has placed in my life, the places he has allowed me to visit, and the opportunities to work and serve he has given me. Here's to another year in his grace!

What are some of your favorite quirky life lessons?

late 20s

birthday breakfast date with Justin and Pippa.
I've been craving Perkins breakfast potatoes since I got pregnant.

I'm no longer in my mid-20s.

Yesterday marked the 27th anniversary of my entrance to this world. I wondered how I would feel, entering the brief period of life known as one's "late-20s." Would I lament my fleeting youth? Would I take stock of how far I had come? Would I make a panicky "30 before 30" bucket list?

Actually, I mainly just felt nauseous. But not about the passing of time. I felt actual nausea due to morning (or all day) sickness. (Thanks, Baby #2). But really, I'm not even mad about it.

Despite the morning sickness, how I felt about my 27th birthday reflected how I view my life in general. I was content to spend the day with my husband and 19 month old...mostly on the couch. I was thankful for the little things Justin did for me (woo hoo! I don't think I changed one diaper on my birthday! I felt like the Queen of Sheba.)

But let's get really serious. Why am I really so happy about my 27th birthday? In reality, it's because I love odd numbers, and yesterday was the 11th of January, in the year 2015, turning 27 years of age. It's my year, people! Watch out!

Here's to 27 years of His grace on earth, and at least 73 more!