my favorite everyday makeup

Getting ready for the day is very important to me, especially now that I'm a mom. I feel like I'm a happier, more confident person when I have taken the time to look presentable. Part of that routine includes putting on makeup every morning. However, as most moms of young children know, time to yourself is quite limited. 

I have found it works best for me to shower at night. I also wake up before my kids for a morning devotion and some blog work. My three-year-old usually wakes up between 6 and 6:30, so I set her up with breakfast, then a television show while I do my makeup and hair for the day. It is near impossible to do my makeup when my one-year-old is awake, as he will seek and destroy everything he shouldn't be touching in the bathroom. Throwing things in the toilet, grabbing for the curling iron, pulling things out of drawers, licking the bathtub - you name it! This makes the process of putting on makeup last twice as long, and not nearly as enjoyable. 

My makeup routine is quick and simple for this very reason. I have included some of my favorite everyday makeup products in this post. I own other makeup, but some of it I only use for special occasions or a night out. Most of what I buy is drugstore makeup, but I love a good Mac product every now and then, too! I find MAC cosmetics tend to last me a lot longer, and wear better throughout the day, making them worth the investment. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 


MAC Eyebrow Pen - ladies with light eyebrows, you feel me on this one! We need to fill in those bad boys to add some structure and definition to our face!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless - I love the coverage of this very affordable liquid foundation. I dot it on my face with my fingers, and use a beauty blender to blend it in. 

NYX baked blush - I'm not set on this blush. In fact, I tend to buy a different brand and shade each time I run out. I do really like this baked blush, though, especially in summer for a bit of a glow.

NYX dark circle concealer - I dab this on to cover up under eye circles. My kids actually sleep great, but I am #blessed with the genetics for dark circles. That's life, my friends.  NYX is my go-to everyday concealer. I have a Tarte brand concealer that I love, but only use on special occasions. 


MAC Eyeshadow Quad - For Christmas one year I received an eyeshadow quad palette, and I filled it with the eyeshadow pro palette refill pans of my choice from MAC. They are actually very affordable at $6 per pan, and they last FOR-E-VER. I love that they stay on much longer than drugstore brands, and the pigment is much richer. 

MAC Gel Eyeliner - I find painting my eyeliner on with the gel eyeliner and a thin brush to be much more forgiving than liquid eyeliner, and much richer in color than an eyeliner pen. The pot has lasted me for over a year, and in fact probably needs replacing before I even get a chance to run out of it. 

Almay Eyeliner Pen - having stated the above about the gel eyeliner, there are still days I'm too lazy or in a rush to deal with the gel eyeliner. On these days I turn to the Almay Blackest Black eyeliner pen. 

Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara - I have no commitment to a specific mascara, but my latest purchase was the blue Rocket Volume, and I really like it, probably enough to buy it again. I actually have pretty long eyelashes naturally, but they are pretty light in color, so 2 layers of any mascara does the trick for me!

What are your favorite everyday makeup products you can't live without?

mom style: on caring for your appearance

caring for appearance as a busy mom

Before having children, I promised myself I wouldn't become a frumpy mom. ("I'm not like a regular mom. I'm a cool mom.") However, when my first child was born, I realized just how difficult it would be to keep that promise. There were days when she just wanted to be held, and it was all I could do to escape for a three minute shower. Then there was the 3 month period where she needed to be fed every two hours per the doctor's orders, and our routine consisted of breastfeeding for 10 minutes, feeding her a bottle for 10 minutes, and pumping for 10 minutes. Every. Two. Hours. It was nearly impossible to make a hot meal for myself much less put on makeup or do my hair. And don't even get me started on adjusting to life with a second child!

The thing is, though, that if something is a priority we will make time for it. If it's not, we'll make excuses. It might sound vain to say that my own appearance remained a priority after having kids. I realized, though, that if I were going to take my jobs as mother and household manager seriously, I needed to get dressed and ready for the day. Much like schools that require their students to wear uniforms, I knew that my appearance would affect how I felt about myself. And how I felt about myself would affect my attitude and job performance throughout the day.

I learned this lesson early on from my own mother. When we were kids, she never let us leave the house looking unkempt or sloppy, because it would show those with whom we came into contact that we didn't respect them or that we didn't care what they thought. This isn't to say that women must put on makeup to fit society's standards - not at all! In fact, my mom didn't let us wear makeup until we went to high school. It was about looking clean and well-groomed.

I think the same lesson applies to motherhood, but on a more personal level. I have experienced first-hand how easy it is to get lost in my role as a mother, always taking care of others and forgetting about who I am as a person. Putting on some makeup and making sure my hair is done (even if it's just dry shampoo and some sea salt spray) makes me feel more like myself and ready to take on the day. When I take the time to put on clothes that are clean and fit nicely, it reminds me to take care of the body God gave me to live in, not hide it or be ashamed of it. Trust me, this is no small feat when you're in the postpartum months and nothing fits and everything is covered in spit up!

Listen, I'm not saying I always have fresh highlights and manicured hands while wearing designer clothes and high heels. I stretch my haircuts out as far as I can, and we have a pretty modest budget for clothes as teachers. In fact, there will be many times when appearance falls by the wayside, because you just had a baby, everyone in your house is sick, or you're spending a day at home doing chores. However, as part of my every day routine, I get up a little earlier to put on makeup and do my hair, pick out a clean outfit that fits well, and even add a few accessories. It's important to me to look put together, so I make the time for it.

The bottom line is, when I take the time to care about my appearance, I feel happy and confident. When I feel happy and confident, I'm a better mother, home manager, teacher, and business owner. For the next few Wednesdays I'll be writing a series on different aspects of caring for yourself as a busy mom. Let me know if there is anything you'd like me to include in the series! It's also helpful to hear what other moms are doing, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments of each Wednesday's post!