friday favorites #20

Our summer break is off to a great start! My sister Abby flew down to visit us for Memorial Day Weekend, and we spent a good portion of her time here at the beach. The kids soaked in the extra attention, and I enjoyed plenty of sister time! 

Now we have our second set of visitors this week. My older sister Liz, her husband, and son are staying with us for a few days to meet Lewis. Donuts, more beach time, and card games on the lanai are in store for the next few days.

Now for the best part of the week...sharing the little things that are making me smile!

Friday Favorites

friday favorites

1. Beach time

We made it to two different beaches while my sister was here - one with a splash pad, and one right down the road from our house. The older two kids are growing more in love with the ocean the longer we live here, and we have to drag them away from the waves kicking and screaming when it's time to leave. Lewis has been sleeping in the shade of our beach tent, enjoying the gentle ocean breeze, and just generally being a stud. Going to the beach with 3 kids isn't always the most relaxing, but we never regret getting out in the fresh air!

2. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Has anyone else watched Season 3 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Abby and I binge watched it while she was here, and we couldn't get enough of Titus's character. Such a funny show! I think I have to go back and rewatch all 3 seasons in order to write down Titus Andromedon quotes. 

3. Cute Baby Outfit

I took advantage of an awesome Old Navy sale a few weeks ago and ordered some "bro tanks" for my boys, since it gets so hot this time of year in Florida. I snagged this "Stay Wild" outfit for Lewis, and am in love with how adorable he looks in it! Might have to go order a few more next time there's a sale! 

4. Protein Bowls

Protein bowls

When it gets really hot outside, I crave ice cold protein bowls. I simply blend my superfood shakes with extra ice and a bit less water, then melt some natural peanut butter and drizzle it over the top for added calories to keep my supply up while nursing. Does lunch get any better than peanut butter and chocolate? No, it does not. 

5. Mother/Daughter Date

Last Friday was Teddy's last day of school party, so Pippa and I (and Lewis) found ourselves with an hour to kill before picking up Teddy. To celebrate the start of summer, I took her to Starbucks and let her pick any drink and any treat she wanted. Naturally, she chose a pink cake pop, and we split a s'mores frappuccino (which we couldn't even finish) while we discussed plans for her upcoming birthday while Lewis snoozed in the car seat. I still can't believe what a big girl she's becoming, and love any one-on-one time I get to spend with her, listening to her stories, opinions, and observations. How is she turning 4 already? 

That's it for this Friday! What's got you smiling this week? Have a wonderful weekend!

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