postpartum summer style

In the weeks after having a baby, it's so tempting to dress in pajamas, leggings, and comfortable V-neck tees and never leave the house. Every once in awhile, though, you need to feel human again, and it feels so good to shower, get dressed in something cute, and do your hair and makeup. 

Here in Florida it's been especially warm, so unfortunately, leggings and oversized sweaters are out of the question. It's hard enough to dress yourself when you're in the first few weeks postpartum, much less feel confident in clothes that show some skin. No matter how active you were during your pregnancy, you still feel a bit puffy all around, and not quite like yourself after your baby enters the world. 

This is my third time going through this transition, and I am finally figuring out what kinds of clothing makes me feel comfortable and confident. It will still be a few weeks (or months) before I can wear fitted tops, or before my normal shorts fit. I love a good oversized v-neck around the house but have found that when I'm going out in public, I want to look a bit more put together.

Lately I've been opting for flowy tank tops with a nursing tank underneath, maternity or elastic-waist shorts, and wrap dresses. I'm loving that off-the-shoulder tops are trending right now, because they are surprisingly nursing-friendly! I've been dying to try the trend, but have been nervous about pulling the trigger, since I'm in between sizes right now.

However, I knew this breezy off-the-shoulder from Pink Blush would be perfect and forgiving for any stage: pregnant, postpartum, and even when I get back to my normal size. It's so comfortable, and it even has pockets! I could see wearing it on the shoulders for church, or if you want to dress more modestly. I'm also picturing wearing this adorable top with skinny black pants or jeans for cooler evenings. 

Another look I'm loving for postpartum mamas is the kimono over a white tank or solid color dress. I adore the fun pattern, how it hides the extra *ahem* curves, and even serves as nice cover when nursing in public. I decided to pair this PInkBlush kimono with cutoffs for a beach day, and it felt like the perfect casual and tropical outfit. 

PinkBlush has a ton of cute maternity clothes and postpartum clothes that make the expecting and new mama feel stylish during a time when she might not feel 100% like herself. 

It's not always easy to be patient with your body when nothing seems to fit right, and on top of that you're sleep deprived and trying to figure out your new normal. That's why I'm a huge advocate for buying yourself a few gorgeous pieces to wear during this transition, to help yourself feel pretty and feminine! If you're looking to snag a few pieces for yourself, there is a Memorial Day Sale happening over at PinkBlush - 25% off site wide! 

I'm currently 4 weeks postpartum, and some days it feels like I'll never be able to wear my old clothes again. I know that little by little I'm making progress, though, so I'm staying positive and working hard to eat healthy and move my body each day. I'm so thankful for cute clothes, like the ones from PinkBlush, to help me maintain my personal style through new motherhood. 

What are your favorite postpartum pieces?

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