friday favorites #18

Happy Friday! Even though I've been at home all week with all three kids, it still feels like the week has flown by! I will say that I absolutely love the flexibility of our days. I love not having to be anywhere at a specific time most days, and if we don't feel up to leaving the house we don't have to.

Conversely, I also discovered that having a one-year-old boy at home all day is a really bad idea. That kid has so much energy, and really needs the fresh air and ability to run around in order to be his best self. If we don't leave the house at all, he gets very mischievous and things get a little crazy. The hard part is that I'm still recovering from a C-section, and leaving the house by myself requires a lot of lifting kids in and out of carseats, heaving the stroller in and out of the trunk, etc. Thankfully I haven't been too sore from all the activity, but just want to make sure I don't set back my recovery.

Not too much exciting went on around her this week besides survival, but as always, I'll share the little things that are bringing a smile to my face. Here we go!

Friday Favorites

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1. Hulu

With me staying home more with the kids next school year, we have started to take a look at our budget to see what can be cut. In addition, we've been in our current rental for a year, which means our cable/internet package increased significantly. It felt like a no brainer to get rid of cable, so we looked into alternatives. We do have Netflix, but wanted to try Hulu since it has more recent shows and episodes. Right now we're using our free trial, but I can honestly say we might be replacing Netflix with Hulu. So far, we're loving it, especially for the purpose of replacing cable! Do you have one or both of these services? Which do you prefer?

2. Instagram Stories Face Filters!

I mean, it's about time! Naturally, I've only used them on my children so far, but the few they have are fun! I'm already obsessed with Instagram Stories, so this really sealed the deal. (Side note: speaking of Instagram, you can now shop my posts! I've only done one so far, but I'll be adding more each week. Just go to the shop tab at the top of my page!)

3. Target finds

Last weekend for Mother's Day, I got to go wander around Target with some gift cards, which is as close to a vacation as I'm getting these days. I happily stocked up on some baby items, but also checked out a few fun things for mama! I found some Essie nail polish on sale, and picked up the light blue Strike a Pose-itano, since it's very close to my signature color. You can see how it looks on my nails in this picture:

I also picked up a pair of earrings (of course on sale) and a new pair of sunglasses just in time for summer! My old sunnies are scratched up to the point where I actually can't see where I'm going while driving the car, so this purchase feels like a safety precaution. 

My best Target purchase this week, though, was a Rock 'n Play sleeper for Lewis. He eats every 2 hours at night, but struggles to fall back asleep, we think due to gas. He has always slept better in his bouncy chair, because it has an incline, but I didn't feel comfortable leaving him in that at night. Target happened to be having a sale on Rock 'n Plays, so on a whim, I went ahead and bought one. So far, getting Lewis back to sleep has been much easier. Hopefully that continues!

4. Sibling Snuggles

Excuse the graininess of this photo, but I had to share it anyway! Both older kids beg to hold the baby, so we play pass the baby with me in the middle keeping an eye on the situation and a hand on the baby. For some reason on this particular day, Teddy ended up without a shirt on (because he's further explanation needed), then wanted to snuggle the baby. It looked like he was getting skin-to-skin contact with his baby brother, and it was the cutest thing ever. 

5. My new mirror!

For Mother's Day, Justin did some snooping on myAmazon wish list, and ordered this white floor mirror I've been eyeing up! It's the perfect accent in our room, plus it's been nice to actually see my whole outfit before leaving the house. He also got my a 2 lb bag of my favorite candy - Peanut Butter M&Ms which by some miracle I haven't finished yet. Mother's Day win!  

The winner for my Pink Blush $75 Gift Card giveaway is Melissa Sipe. Congrats, Melissa!

That's it for this Friday! What's got you smiling this week? How are you celebrating Mother's Day? Have a wonderful weekend!

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