finding my momiform

Me: Top -  Pink Blush  /  Leggings  /  Shoes  | Pippa:  Sweater  /  Jeans  /  Boots

Me: Top - Pink Blush / Leggings / Shoes | Pippa: Sweater / Jeans / Boots

The weather in Florida lately has been pleasantly chilly, and we've been reveling in the chance to wear pants and long sleeves. Ever since we moved here two years ago, it hasn't really gotten cold until at least February, and even then the chill only lasted for a few days. 

Temperatures in the 60s and 70s are prime mom uniform weather, and these days my "momiform" starts with a base of black leggings or black skinnies. Almost any top looks good paired with them, and they can be dressed up or down. 

PinkBlush has been my go-to online boutique lately for cute tops to pair with my black leggings. I'm still working my way back down to my pre-pregnancy size, and still nursing the baby, so I need tops that are flattering, nursing-friendly, and comfortable. PinkBlush checks all of those boxes!

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Mom life with a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old, and an infant requires a lot of lifting up, bending down, running, chasing, and sitting on the floor. I need my clothes to move with me, but I still want to look put-together and on-trend. Anytime the temperature dips below 70, I've found myself grabbing for this top because the sequin detail on the sleeve really makes me feel dressed-up even if I'm just running to Target. Also, it's nice and long, so it covers anything and everything that I DON'T CURRENTLY WANT ON DISPLAY TO THE WORLD, please and thank you. 


The second look I've put together for a momiform is a bit more dressed up. I start with my black leggings, of course, but this time I switch out my comfy sneakers for cognac riding boots. That small change makes a big difference in the feel of the outfit. 


One of my favorite details on this shirt is the zipper in the front. It's practical, because it's nursing-friendly, but it also elevates the style from "plain shirt" to nice top. I've seriously been wearing this top on repeat with a pencil skirt for teaching, with skinny jeans and boots for running errands, and with leggings and barefoot when I'm puttering around the house. 

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I know I have readers who are in all different stages of life, and PinkBlush is the perfect spot to shop no matter what your life looks like right now, from pregnancy to nursing and everything in between.